Why a data sealing API?

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Reliable data is the foundation of every digital process, product and transaction. Without the ability to verify data integrity, you cannot trust your data. It’s that simple.

Cryptowerk creates a tamper-proof record of your digital assets that can be sealed in public or private blockchains up to one million times per second. These digital “fingerprints” can then be compared to the original data to verify authenticity. With Cryptowerk, it’s easy to verify whether the data your are using is trusted data.

Data Integrity as a Service

Cryptowerk Data Sealing Technology is offered as an easy to use REST API designed for organizations developing applications that have data integrity as a vital component of their offering. Cryptowerk uses the power of public and private blockchains to automatically verify the authenticity of your data and digital assets, such as:

  • A scan of a shipment ID code
  • Telemetry from a car’s GPS and sensors
  • e-Commerce transactions
  • Energy flow through smart meters
  • Electronic Communications
  • Know Your Customer documents
  • ....

If it's digital, it's sealable. If it's sealable, it's provable.

Why seal your data?

Historically high costs, low and slow volumes, and other challenges have kept organizations from leveraging the benefits of blockchains in enterprise applications. Cryptowerk is the only solution to effectively address the limitations of blockchain in the enterprise.


  • Patent-pending compression technology effectively accelerate blockchain transactions by multiple orders of magnitude, while reducing transaction costs.


  • You never share your original data with us, only the standard hashes you generate from that data, so your sensitive data stays private. You can even use multiple public and private blockchains for additional security and redundancy.


  • Accessible via a REST API, built with Swagger, thorough documentation and sample code in multiple languages.


  • With no need to learn multiple blockchain protocols or fund and manage wallets, you can focus your development efforts on your business application save time.

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