Maker's Mint: How digital creators protect their work.

Content Authenticity Made Easy

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1  Listen for new and updated files
2  Digitally sign and create blockchain seals
3  Double click to verify content authenticity

Fight Fakes

Automatically sign and seal files as you create and change them. Share certificates of originality and proof of existence.

Easy To Verify

Know if a file is authentic without bothering the author. Visualize file integrity as you work and prove prior art is yours.

Trusted and Compliant

Comply with security policies and regulations around the world by digitally signing and sealing files automatically.

Protect Your Work






Medical Records


Code Signing


Digital Art

Powered By Cryptowerk API

Maker's Mint File Sealer

This desktop app allows for the public verification of file dates, authenticity, integrity and content without exposing the content itself. Files are *signed* and sealed so you may prove possession or knowledge as of the time anchored into public blockchains. Maker's Mint is backed by our data sealing API which is an eco-friendly way to use public blockchains without breaking the bank nor the environment. (digital signatures are an option on the macOs app)

Why a data sealing API?

Cryptowerk envisions a future where every bit of data has proof. Proof it was created at a certain time, in a certain format, by a particular person or machine, that it was transformed, etc. To make that vision a reality, we have developed the fastest data sealing cloud service. It's now possible to seal and verify massive amounts of data. We do this using decentralized ledger technology systems, including public blockchains.

Certificates of Origin, Movement and More

Blockchains offer pharmaceutical companies many of the key capabilities they need, to more easily and securely complying with regulations like DSCSA and the EU regulations by enabling pharma companies to more securely attach metadata to transactions, enhancing their ability to communicate information up and down the supply chain.

Continuously Audit Data From IoT, ERP, and and and

When managing data from IoT platforms, it's imperative to be able to prove collected data integrity, provenance and security on a continuous basis.


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