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Track and Trace Isn't Just For Digital Goods

The key capabilities enabled by Cryptowerk help pharmaceutical companies to achieve digital transformation goals.

  • More easily and securely complying with regulations like DSCSA and the EU regulations by enabling Pharma companies to more securely attach metadata to transactions, enhancing their ability to communicate information up and down the supply chain.
  • Reducing leakage and theft by enhancing track and trace solutions with an unalterable digital record of each item’s movement through the manufacturing and logistics chain, fitting to various different supply chain technologies and systems.
  • More accurately identifying counterfeit items, since their provenance could not be proved.

Pharma companies and distributors are securing supply chains and increasing traceability. Blockchains create an unalterable, tamperproof record of key events and data throughout the supply chain. This record can then be verified at any time, allowing pharma companies to detect when counterfeit or inferior drugs enter the supply chain and prevent them from ever making it to the retail shelf.

“SAP, along with their partner Cryptowerk, put together very strong, highly skilled resources that understand this space, and worked with us closely to understand what we need and to deliver on our requirements.”

Jeff Denton | Senior Director, IT Global Secure Supply Chain | Amerisource Bergen


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